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Desiree from Alabama - AIM participant since June 2002
Testimonial provided August 2016

Desireé's grandmother describes how Desireé used the balancing energyies on the AIM Program to live her life free of autism.
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In honor of Stephen Lewis, I wanted to share my granddaughter Desireé Sutton's testimonial. Stephen's life-long work, along with the many involved with EMC², helped her create a most rewarding life. Stephen will always be a hero to us for his discovery of Energetic Balancing's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-healing.
In the year 1997 at around 2 years of age, we had noticed a change with Desireé, particularly after receiving her childhood immunization shots. She started being afraid of loud noises, screaming uncontrollably, wanting to withdraw into her own world, and being fearful of so much. In 2002, Desireé entered kindergarten, but she only wanted to withdraw even more. She could not socialize nor handle the classroom environment. Paige (her mom) was called to the school many times to help or to take Desireé back home. There were times when Desireé would fall into a trance, comparable to a blackout which would last for various amounts of time. Her teacher would often have to wait for Desireé to recover, as there was nothing known as to how to assist in helping her, other then keeping her safe. These instances occurred frequently, during her kindergarten year, resulting in Desireé having to repeat.
Thankfully during this time, my prayers were answered by my stumbling upon a small advertisement concerning EMC². To this day I do not know how I managed to talk my husband, sons, and daughter-in-law to attend this short conference, introducing us to Stephen Lewis and his book, Sanctuary: The Path To Consciousness, along with meeting an angel by the name of Jamelle Rackley. Shortly afterwards we enrolled in this incredible service. That was in 2002, and the start of Desireé's fantastic recovery. When Desireé was tested she had a Life Force of 1. When re-tested 5 months later her LF was 100, and she was showing to have the frequency of autism. Jamelle contacted me a few years later in order for Desireé to be admitted into the AIM Scholarship Program. This was for those who showed the energetic frequency of autism, which Desireé exhibited. What a blessing, for Jamelle has been the Earth angel (i.e. EMC² Facilitator) assigned to Desireé. Jamelle assisted in bringing this gift from Stephen and the AIM Program to Desireé, otherwise we would have completely overlooked the AIM Scholarship Program.
Come 2006, we were blessed to receive Desireé's recheck report stating that she was no longer showing to have the frequency for autism. Our team of heroes lead by Stephen Lewis had helped Desireé heal the frequency of autism until it was completely out of her energetic matrix.
Through out the years Desireé experienced many energetic detoxing frequencies, often in not-so-pleasant ways. Unfortunately, due to fear based reactions, she was subjected to doctors practicing with various drugs through out her life, causing more seizures as well as worsening various other conditions, only to have her family completely surprised when Desireé miraculously improved or healed those disturbing imbalances.
In the year of 2012 we were shocked to receive a recheck report showing a downward spiral of her LF to 85, due to Desireé's showing to have the frequency of parasites. This continued, with Desireé staying steadfast at LF 85.
Desireé was 19 when I explained the importance of taking her healing into her own hands. Once explained, Desireé decided to completely come on board and has been taking 100% Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE), which is said to attack & kill parasites. Her "belief," her continuous takings of the DE, and commitment to staying on AIM have all been crucial in healing herself of the frequency of parasite. Now once again we are receiving a higher Life Force. It is now 91, which we expect will continue to rise.
More importantly Desireé continues to steadily clear the "frequency similar to the frequency of the parasites EU". I contribute this success to Desireé's tenacious spirit & the constant help "given" by AIM.
My granddaughter is now enjoying a life free of autism, and 100% committed to healing herself of the frequency of parasites, with the assistance of the balancing frequencies on EMC²'s AIM Program. In time we know Desireé will be free of this imbalance frequency.
There are no words we could possibly write to show our appreciation to Stephen Lewis and his tremendous crew that has been there for Desireé and continues to be, as well as continuing to expand Stephens life-long work.
God Bless You All.

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