Don't Shoot The Messenger
A Review of Life Force Evaluations From 1995 to 2009
(Originally written in January 2009, updated in December 2009)

This was written on 1/18/09 as an abbreviated companion-piece for the Everything Is Energy show that aired on 1/15/09. To listen to the special extended episode, click here. We freely encourage any and all to link to it, download, copy, or distribute either one, so long as they are not edited without our written approval nor used for strictly commercial purposes.

In 1995 we believed the average Life Force ("LF") reading for dogs, cats, horses and humans produced a reading in the range of 95 to 99, on a scale of 0 to 100. LF evaluations are presented in what we call Units of Consciousness, which is a vibratory measurement that is proprietary to the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC ("EMC²") and is not recognized by the scientific or medical communities. Nonetheless, there are certain observable characteristics, which we believe create a parallel in both the energetic sphere and in physical evaluations. Those who are evaluated and found to have a LF of zero (0) share one common property: they have a profound economy of movement, characterized by a lack of such activities as inhaling, exhaling or blinking. They are both energetically and physically, peacefully at rest.

Conversely, a LF of 100 simply indicates a relatively unobstructed flow of energy. It does not indicate or suggest perfection. I sincerely doubt that anyone at all imperfect can measure or label, "perfection". Our energetic evaluation measures a relative "work-in process/progress". Obviously, those who sought an energetic evaluation fell between the two extremes of 0 and 100.

Here’s what happened:
In 1997 we observed an energetic event in one person which, shortly, became a trend in others, and before long, a ubiquitous paradigm in almost everyone. Its effect on the average LF of adults in the United States was to cause it to plummet to the upper 60’s. Dogs, cats and horses remained between 95 and 99. (This phenomenon was written about at the time in the novel, Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. One may also read about it on Click on "The Book", then find "Epilogue II: Up To Date".)

By 2002 the LF of most adults in the United States had dropped to 1 on that same scale of 0 to 100, and continued to drop. (Dogs, cats and horses still measured at 95 to 99.) The energetic readings led us to believe that the next, possibly final plunge in LF would occur in the fall of 2008. Unfortunately, the revelations provided by those readings have proved to be correct. By October of 2008 many potential participants in The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing had a LF of .4, which is obviously a 0 on a scale of 100. Consequently, we were forced to change our measuring criteria to the more subtle scale of 0 to 1000.

Here’s the most important thing: The LF decrease continues. As of 11/16/09, the average United States urban adult LF is .015, and still dropping. Fortunately, most of these .01s still indicate the energetic capacity to heal themselves. (It is imperative to remember that the capacity to heal and the capacity to be effectively treated are not at all synonymous.)

Our calculations make us believe that many of these .01 LF’s have already reached zero and will reach ZERO in less than one year, commencing in April 2009, and beginning to peak in 2010. Dogs, cats and horses thus far remain at 95 to 99.

Confused? We don’t blame you. We are also unsure as to what it means. Here’s the problem: When a new AIM applicant shows a Life Force of .015, it would be mathematically correct to round it off and say, "Welcome to The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. Your Life Force is zero". To which it would be reasonable to respond, "You’re wrong by your own definition. I’m sitting here and a-blinkin’ like crazy. I just inhaled and I’m fixin’ to exhale".

We could go on and on, but in summary, this is the question: When does a zero transition to a real ZERO or are we simply looking at something new we don’t yet understand? We have no definitive answer YET, but we believe one is forthcoming. Is this an example of the guy who jumps off a building and, as he passes each floor, yells, "so far so good". We'll have to ask him. The variable, the unknown is, how tall is the building? Ask him, "Are the trees getting closer? Can you see the daisies yet?"

Are we like the frogs in the pot that adapt to every environmental change until adaptation becomes Impossibility? Rumor has it that at that last moment they’ve been heard to say, "I think I smell garlic".

In closing, I urge you to consider this: I am writing this because I am a messenger, much in the same manner as is a weatherman. I am neither Chicken Little nor Pollyanna. If you wish to go sailing, you'd be well advised to know if a storm is due. If you plan a picnic, it would help to be informed about the possibility of rain. Contrary to the opinion of some, the weatherman does not create the weather. He merely reports it. Furthermore, there is no room and no justification for any spin, positively or negatively. But that's not to say that while looking at an M.C. Escher drawing, I see one thing when it is actually something else altogether.

Please, please don’t shoot the messenger.

Love and Light,
Stephen Lewis

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