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Bio for Lea Walters, AIM Participant since March 1999.

Most of us who read Sanctuary: the Path to Consciousness, or are visiting this website may find that we are already travelers on "the path to consciousness." Although we may not have defined our lives using these exact words, we are aware of "quantum thought," whatever we may call it. And we are searching for a "Sanctuary," a place within ourselves where we can reconnect with our source and remember what intuitively we have always known.

I have been on "the path to consciousness" for most of my life. In the early seventies, I became a devotee of a loving spiritual teacher by the name of Maharaji, who has been a proponent and teacher of quantum living for all of the years that I have known him. In the eighties, my journey led me into the fast paced world of launching IPO's, to New York to do a stint as a paralegal on Wall Street. In the nineties, life changed again and I went on to become a key member of The Whole Life Expo team where I got to know hundreds of leading edge thinkers, dreamers, and doers. Here is where I heard Depak Chopra do a two hour presentation on Quantum Physics preparing me to meet Stephen Lewis and Evan Slawson and learn about the AIM Program and its ability to positively and profoundly impact the quality of our lives. Due to my experience and exposure to more systems, supplements, elixirs and gadgets than you can imagine, it really took something special to grab my awareness and Stephen Lewis and the AIM Program certainly did.

When I first read Sanctuary, I was inspired by the implications of these possibilities. It opened up a whole new way of viewing life and the Universe. After meeting Stephen Lewis, and co-author Evan Slawson, in March of 1999, I immediately went on the AIM Program and within four months, began to realize that I was feeling better than I had in years. In fact, my whole life began to transform. Six months later, I felt compelled to introduce this amazing technology to my community of family, friends and colleagues. Soon after, I became one of EMC2's first Facilitators. Ten years later, there are now more than 100 Facilitators worldwide, many mentored by myself, or my team.

One of the most important factors for any type of transformation and change is that energy must be present. Healing is an act of transformation, moving from a state of dis-ease to one of ease; a return to a homeostatic place in one's body, mind and spirit. It is my experience that the AIM Program has allowed a more unimpeded flow of energy into my life which allows me to make the changes and experience the transformation that I now gratefully enjoy on an ongoing basis.

Often I am asked what the AIM Program has done for me in the 10 years I have been on the program. It is impossible to know how different my life would be if not for AIM, but I feel pretty certain that I would not have had the same confidence in life and sense of well being that I have enjoyed since my participation.

Let's face it, life is a balancing act. We will be healing (balancing) our imbalances throughout our lives, whether or not we are on the AIM Program. We are designed that way. The difference is that on the AIM Program, our Life Force can actually reach its full potential so that threats, posed by a long list of hereditary imbalances, can no longer impact us or block our power to fully manifest ourselves. As a result, we can heal ourselves of anything, just as nature intended.

As I witness more and more individuals and their families around the world going on the AIM Program, I am hearing more and more stories that echo my own experience with the AIM Program. This macro biofeedback loop is part of an evolving network of increasingly conscious individuals that are bringing positive energy and dynamic changes into their world and the world around them.

In reality, only we, you or I, can heal ourselves, and we do it with our intention to do so. When we interchange the words heal with balance, we get a clearer perspective of the awesome power inherent in infusing our intention with our fully manifested Life Force.

These are demanding, yet powerful times, where we are stressed and stretched in our capacity to learn, grow and go beyond our perceived limitations. I feel deeply honored and grateful to offer the AIM Program to those that are ready to take their lives to a whole new level of conscious awareness and holistic wellness.

And I take enormous pleasure in exploring this quantum viewpoint with Facilitators and Participants from around the world, as well as those of you totally new to the concept. You are welcome to give me a call or email to learn more.

All the best,

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