States Of Imbalance
A comparison of active, hereditary
and karmic energetic imbalances
EMC² and its AIM Program of Energetic Balancing are concerned with helping participants remove blockages to the flow of life force. These blockages are also called energetic imbalances. Energetic imbalances are inherently spiritual, i.e. they occur at a level that is more fundamental than your physical body or even the physical universe.

Energetic imbalances can be classified in three main ways. The first way is concerned with when these imbalances were acquired. The second way is concerned with how the energetic imbalances were acquired. The third way is the current level of energetic activity associated with a given imbalance.

When energetic imbalances were acquired
The choices regarding when these imbalances were acquired are:
1) in this lifetime
2) hereditarily
3) they can be carried with the spirit or soul from sometime before this lifetime. We call these karmic imbalances.

How energetic imbalances were acquired
The choices regarding how the imbalances were acquired are:

1) Energetic imbalances acquired in this lifetime can be acquired in the same ways that diseases can be acquired, e.g. coming into contact with a person who already has the imbalance, being bitten by an insect that is a carrier, consuming contaminated food or water, breathing in airborne imbalances and so on.

2) Hereditary energetic imbalances are acquired "the old-fashioned way" meaning through the energetic bodies of your ancestors, starting with your parents and going back for up to seven generations. According to Stephen Lewis, no hereditary imbalances that have a history longer than seven generations have been revealed in any of the energetic evaluations where he has addressed this issue.

3) Karmic imbalances are always an unresolved negative emotion relating to an experience you had sometime before this lifetime. This raises questions, of course, about who "you" really are. The short answer is that "you" are an eternal being going through cycles of experience resulting in the evolution and development of your awareness or consciousness.

The current level of energetic activity for a particular energetic imbalance
Energetic imbalances can take on a number of energy levels. One energy level we call "active." The terms "hereditary" and "karmic" are used not just to describe when and how the energetic imbalances were acquired, but they also can describe the energy level of hereditary and karmic imbalances respectively.

The Active energy level
Active imbalances are those which are currently fully expressed. Energetic imbalances acquired in this lifetime are always active (unless you have healed yourself by removing them, of course).

We also often speak of active imbalances being "acute" or "chronic." Acute and chronic refer to how long you have had the imbalance, which often relates to that energetic imbalance's energy level. Acute imbalances are more recent, chronic imbalances have been around for a while. (In fact, the word "chronic" has its roots in the Greek word "khronos" which means time.) As far back as ancient Greece, the physician Hippocrates made the distinction between acute and chronic disease. Diseases are considered chronic, in medical terms, when you have had them for more than three months. One could use that as a rule of thumb for energetic imbalances as well.

You are usually aware of active imbalances because they manifest as some level of discomfort or distress, though energetic imbalances in an acute state may manifest differently than energetic imbalances in a chronic state. If you are nauseous, achy, sore, inexplicably tired, itchy, emotionally upset or drained, etc., these are all probable manifestations of active energetic imbalances. Remember, EMC² believes that even those things that western science refers to as "disease" are actually manifestations of active imbalances. EMC² also believes that energetic imbalances cover a much wider range than that.

The Hereditary energy level
Hereditary energetic imbalances can exist in two main energetic states, 1) they start out in a state of subtle-energetic potential which we call the hereditary state and 2) they can also become active at which point they were still acquired hereditarily, but their energy level has changed.

A good way to think of the hereditary energy level is like "potential energy" in physics such as a boulder perched precariously on top of a hill with the potential to roll down unleashing lots of energy, vs. the active energy level which can be thought of like "kinetic energy" where the boulder actually is rolling down the hill. Energetic imbalances at the hereditary energy level may still have an effect on you. This point of view can be illustrated using the medical example of syphilis. It is known in medicine that certain types of crooked teeth are a manifestation of the frequency of hereditary syphilis. In fact, one type of this abnormality is even medically known as Hutchinson's teeth. More commonly, energetic evaluations performed by Stephen Lewis have revealed that the frequency of hereditary syphilis (as distinguished from the medically-diagnosed disease syphilis) may manifest commonly as crowded lower teeth with soft enamel. The shape of the thumb is said to be affected by hereditary imbalances. Lewis has found that a "squared off" thumb shape is indicative of the frequency of hereditary Group A Strep in the orb of the heart.

Since energetic imbalances affect the energetic matrix, which EMC² defines as the architecture of consciousness that manifests everything about you, including the physical, emotional and mental, any aspect of your manifested self can be affected by hereditary imbalances, even at the hereditary energy level. The shape or function of body parts, emotional tendencies, ability to think, reason or feel, all of these and more can be changed by these underlying energy blockages. The term "orb" means the portion of the energetic matrix that manifests a specific body part.

Energetic imbalances acquired hereditarily can also shift from the hereditary energy state to an active energy state as well. The ancient alchemists recited the Hermetic principle "As above, so below." EMC² believes this principle applies to energetic imbalances when compared to diseases: i.e. EMC² believes that physical disease is a manifestation of a disturbance in the flow of an individual's life force in the energetic matrix. Although this perspective is commonplace in subtle-energy-based wellness disciplines like homeopathy and acupuncture, it is largely ignored in western or "allopathic" medicine which is not based on the flow of Life Force but instead is based on a belief that the physical universe is all that there is. It may seem incredible that energetic imbalances can shift like this, but even western medicine has observed similar shifts in medically-diagnosed diseases, the most notable being syphilis which is known to have primary, secondary and tertiary stages, each different from the others and which can either be fully expressed or be dormant or asymptomatic in each stage. The diverse behaviors of the disease syphilis are widely known and serve to illustrate that under the principle "as above, so below" it is not so far-fetched that energetic imbalances could also manifest wide-ranging manifestations as well.

The Karmic energy level
Imbalances which were acquired karmicly primarily exist at an energy level we also refer to as karmic. Remember, karmic imbalances are always unresolved negative emotions carried over from a time before this lifetime. Because they precede all other energetic imbalances they can have very far-ranging effects. Those effects even include determining which hereditary imbalances you have and subsequently which imbalances you acquire in this lifetime. Can a karmic energetic imbalance shift energy levels to become active like hereditary imbalances can? Arguably it can, if the unresolved negative emotion comes to dominate one's emotional character. But more commonly karmic energetic imbalances are formative to one's emotional character, manifesting as a predisposition to a certain emotional level that may affect everything in one's life.

Karmic energetic imbalances are the root of all the energetic imbalances in each of our lives because they set up the initial level of attraction (think "Law of Attraction") where the spirit or soul seeks out a specific hereditary energetic situation that offers the potential to resolve the karmic imbalance. The specific combination of hereditary and karmic energetic imbalances create a more complex web of attraction which attracts energetic imbalances on the acute or active level in this lifetime. This attraction can occur based on the separate energetic imbalances and/or from their combined effect. These things affect fate and future karma, including where you are born, who you attract into your life, how you experience things, your state of wellness and so on. One example of specific manifestation of karmic energetic imbalances according to the information revealed to Stephen Lewis, co-founder of EMC², in the process of hundreds of thousands of energetic evaluations, is that unresolved embitteredness is the underlying subtle-energetic cause of the frequency of cancer.

Another important aspect of the connection between emotions and energetic imbalances is that for every energetic imbalance there is a corresponding negative emotion and for every negative emotion there is a corresponding energetic imbalance. It's not that a specific emotion is tied to a specific imbalance in all individuals. But in addition to the generalized tendencies for such things, each individual can create or manifest a specific correlation for them. In addition, if the negative emotions in these connections remain unresolved they can become the karmic imbalances of the future.

Removing karmic energetic imbalances is the most important part of EMC²'s AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. Because energetic imbalances are layered like the layers of an onion, outer layers may need to be removed before getting to the lower layers. In practice, many of us find that many or most of our active imbalances must be cleared before we can begin clearing most of the energetic imbalances which are at the hereditary energy level. And as your Life Force and consciousness increase as these energetic imbalances disappear, you are able to turn your attention to bringing your karmic imbalances to consciousness and resolution, thereby removing them. Along the way, you experience additional benefits like having more energy, more clarity and better relationships. In short, having your life work.

This subject could fill volumes, but this short treatment serves as a primer for orientation to EMC²'s concepts. The three levels of energetic imbalance, active, hereditary and karmic, are all addressed through the spiritual purification practice we call the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. Since energetic imbalances are disturbances in the architecture of consciousness which manifests the individual and collective universe, you can remove them by correct application of your own consciousness. At the same time, just as repairing a car requires conscious intent, having the right tools can help speed up the process and ensure it is done right. The balancing energies provided by the AIM Program are a set of tools that help you be more efficient in removing your own energetic imbalances.

As you remove your energetic imbalances, your Life Force rises. This gives you more energy and freedom to create your life, fulfill your destiny and achieve your purpose for this lifetime.

Energetic Balancing is a spiritual technology which consists of the application of subtle energies to a participant's photograph in order to help them remove their own subtle-energy imbalances. The ministry of EMC² is not health care or medicine and it does not diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease and its energetic concepts and practices are a matter of faith and are not acknowledged by any organized health care provider or medical regulatory body, and are not recognized as being relevant to health care. Much of the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing process focuses on what EMC² calls “gross imbalances.” EMC² has given names to gross imbalances that may often be the same as or similar to the names of diseases. Energetic imbalances and similarly-named diseases are similar IN NAME ONLY. This does not mean that EMC² is finding or helping anyone remove actual diseases. Energetic imbalances are, by definition, spiritual. EMC² believes that these imbalances are, or can be, obstacles to an individual's ability to achieve the spiritual goal of higher consciousness. EMC² provides balancing energies to assist individuals in eliminating their own energetic imbalances.

Evan Slawson is one of the founders of EMC², the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC, along with Stephen Lewis and Roberta Hladek. Stephen Lewis & Evan Slawson wrote “Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness” available through publisher Hay House or wherever books are sold. Sanctuary illustrates the concepts of energetic healing and transformation that are embodied in EMC²'s AIM Program of Energetic Balancing.

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