The Technology of Prayer in Healing
"If the Buddha has a toothache, there is no enlightenment." - Stephen Lewis

There was reputedly an ancient written work known as the Lost Book of Confucius. It is, as the name implies, lost. But supposedly it contained mantras or chants that were specific for removing or balancing each spiritual, karmic, emotional and physical illness known to man. Stephen Lewis and I consider the technologies and encodings used by our organization, EMC², to be the rebirth of this ancient work.

The ministry of EMC² is what we call energetic balancing, which is the removal of negative energetic information from the energetic matrix of the individual. The current best form of energetic balancing is a program we call AIM, which stands for All-Inclusive Method. AIM provides all of the balancing energies we currently are aware of, 24 hours a day for the entire period you purchase. The energies are "applied" to your photograph by placing the photo on an output portion of our equipment and you receive them wherever you happen to be. People commonly ask a number of questions about this process that deserve to be answered in a cohesive way.

One question of great interest is "If this is prayer or mantra, then who is praying or chanting?" Historically, there are quite a few examples of the generation of prayer or mantra energies using methods that do not require the presence or action of an individual. In Tibetan culture, the use of prayer wheels is common. Prayer wheels have a prayer or mantra inscribed on their surface, or inscribed or a scroll contained inside the wheel. One Tibetan prayer wheel we own has the mantra Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum written 100,000 times on an inch-wide rice paper scroll that is rolled tightly and placed inside of the wheel.

The wheel is turned by swinging a counterweight attached to it. Each turn of the wheel is thought to be the same as chanting the mantra 100,000 times. Thus, the use of a prayer wheel can vastly accelerate the karmic process thought to be achieved through prayer or mantra. Other Tibetan prayer wheels are turned by wind or water. Often a photograph of a person or image of a deity is placed near the prayer wheel and it is thought that the energy of the wheel's prayer or mantra is received by the person or deity depicted. Since wind or water is the force that turns the wheel, no person need be present to do the praying.

Some Christian religions also practice a form of prayer that does not require the presence of of a person, but use what is called a "prayer card," which is a piece of paper with the prayer written on it. Sometimes the prayer card also has a holy icon or a picture of a person. other times, the picture or icon is placed beside a candle, called a prayer candle. The candle is lit and it is thought that the prayer on the card is being "said" for the one depicted for as long as the candle burns -even though the person who lit the candle leaves the area.

There are actually many other examples of unattended prayer. All of them do have one thing in common. the intent of the person who creates or actuates the process.

EMC² uses modern electronics to generate the action of the balancing energies. The exact balancing energies generated also are determined via an electronically assisted process, though this process does require the presence of a consciousness to make this detemination.

Specifically, Lewis has been the consciousness who has determined the energies. Lewis's life's work has been the development and implementation of the equipment that helps him ascertain these balancing prayer energies, as well as the equipment that delivers them. His lifelong search and personal preparedness led to the revelations that made this work possible. It has been this writer's privilege to assist him in some stages of the work.

Once we accept the possibility that EMC² can generate the energies that stimulate your consciousness in a manner that enables you to focus your life force, it becomes easier to address some of the other questions that we are asked. Frequently people ask how the energies are received via a person's photo. Think about praying for somebody while viewing his or her photo. Most people who believe in prayer agree that if you pray for someone depicted in a photograph, that person receives the energy of the prayer immediately, no matter where that person is geographically in relation to the one who is praying.

This implies (and people seem to agree) that the energy of prayer travels even faster than light, since the energy is received immediately, without any delay whatsoever. This does, of course, defy what used to be thought of as the laws of physics. We believe that the consciousness-stimulating energies sent by EMC² are transmitted and received in the same way as any other prayer, whatever that way is.

EMC² delivers thousands of energies that cover a wide range of issues of wholeness for living beings. We believe all of these issues of wholeness to be in the realm of the spiritual. Since, as Lewis pointed out, "If the Buddha has a toothache there is no enlightenment," the issue of wellness always has concerned churches and many of them have expressed this concern from time immemorial by offering prayers for healing. EMC² follows this tradition. In recent years, some scientists have studied the benefits of prayer and have found that there is a statistically significant improvement in well-being for sick people who are prayed for. This confirms what most of us have always intuitively known.

Finally, people ask, "How does prayer heal?" The answer is that prayer does not heal, nor does energetic balancing heal. Only you can heal. And you can only heal yourself. And you can only do it with yourself. And you can only do it with your own life force, your own energy, by focusing that energy on an imbalance, any imbalance, and removing it. In this respect, energetic balancing is analogous to the impact and performance of an effective prayer, which causes your consciousness to focus your life force on every imbalance. That is why we believe the phrase Spiritual Technology (SM) best describes our work.

Some argue that the use of a modern technology like electronics seems somehow unspiritual. Technology applied to healing is simply the logical evolution of mankind's ability in the realm of communication. Thus spiritual leaders are able to fly to locations on jet planes to deliver their message or they are able to use public address systems or television networks to reach a larger audience. This is certainly the use of technology in service of spirituality and it does not denigrate or diminish the validity of their work. In fact, it might be said that the highest purpose of any technology is spiritual service.

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