Please note: EMC² does not diagnose, treat or cure disease. Albert Einstein reputedly said that there are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. The tags 'Miracle' and 'Miraculous' show up where AIM Program participants themselves use those words, but EMC² believes that the AIM Program is all about miracles of transformation and healing whether that word is used or not. As the saying goes, we don't believe in miracles, we rely on them. And each and every personal history revealed through these tags is about the miracle of self-healing with the AIM Program.

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Katrina Radke from - AIM participant since February 2002

Olympic swimmer Katrina Radke discusses The AIM Program and how she healed herself of chronic fatigue and went from invalid to a top-ranked swimmer in less than 2 years.
Tags: Fatigue; Miracle; Miraculous; Olympic swimmer;


"I started my international swimming career for the United States at age 14 when I was the youngest national team member to compete in 1985. And assuming that I go to Athens this summer and compete in the Olympic games I’ll be the oldest member ever to swim for the United States at age 33."

Katrina’s Coach:

"From my perspective as Trina’s coach, what The AIM Program has enabled her to do is nothing short of miraculous; Number 1, you don’t go from not training for 10 years and then make a serious run at an Olympic team, let alone having had to recover from a serious illness like chronic fatigue, where it was almost impossible for her to walk up a couple of flights of stairs. She had disabled parking, I mean she was basically an invalid; And to go from being an invalid to a world ranked swimmer again in a year and ½ of training is nothing short of a miracle; It’s really amazing!"


"I’ve already been successful, because I was so sick, and I’ve already being able to come back and get to the world class level; That no matter what happens it’s going to be like icing on the cake."

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