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Kevin Foresman from - AIM participant since August 2006

Kevin Foresman explains how he rapidly self-healed after having extensive dental surgery.
Tags: Rapid recovery after dental surgery; Surgery, recovery after;


"My name is Kevin Foresman and I’m a member of The AIM Program. I was diagnosed with a lot of dental problems and I had to go to a dentist, to a surgeon actually, and have several teeth removed and a lot of oral surgery done. In fact, 7 teeth were removed at one time, and this operation happened about 6 days before I became a member of The AIM Program and went on the tray. I knew the moment I went on the tray because I felt this amazing vibration in my mouth. My jaws weren’t shaking but I just felt this energy in my mouth going on and I called my Facilitator and I explained what was happening and I said “What is this?” and he said “Kevin, that’s healing”. Well, my Dentist had told me that it would take a year or so to recover and completely heal. About 2 weeks after I was on The AIM Program, I went back to my Dentist for a check-up and they were amazed at my rate of recovery. Everything was healing much faster. My gums were suddenly pink and bright and attaching themselves to the teeth. The holes were being able to cover up. I did another check-up at about 6 weeks and all of the places where the teeth had been removed were completely filled over with new gum work and my Dentist was just amazed. And what they told me would probably take a year to a year and a half to completely heal, was healed in 6 months. The only thing that changed in my life was becoming a member of The AIM Program. The only thing that changed was me learning to heal myself. Thank you for letting me be a member and thank you for teaching me how to heal myself."

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