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Gillean from California - AIM participant since August 2002
Testimonial provided October 2006

At 63 years old, Gillean has recovered from osteoporosis. "Thank you EMC²...You have turned a prognostication of a painful and sad old age or a sickly, drugged one into a healthy future of exciting possibilities!"
Tags: Bone density; Grateful for AIM; Osteoporosis;

After a frightening bone density test result, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I took three pills of a well known designer drug which, I understand, stops the Catabolic phase of the body that clears away the dead cells and general detritus, allowing the Anabolic phase to continue building cells thus making the bones more dense. This caused my kidneys, liver and lymphatic system to go into overload. I felt extremely crummy. Needless to say, I ceased the drug, and all my supplements, to clear out the body.

With the help of a diet encouraging saturated fat, along with its enzymes, and participating in the Sacrament of Energetic Balancing though The AIM Program, but also consciously reminding my body assiduously of the intent of the 24/7 self-healing frequencies, in four and a half months, I went from a reading of more than minus two on the bone density chart to plus one. May I remind you here that one is told by the 'powers that be' that it is fruitless to have a bone density scan any more often then two years because no change would be discernable?

So from a blessed place of normal bone density for any age, and I happen to be in my sixty third year, I suspect that no one can criticize me for being thrilled with what AIM has prompted my body to achieve. Thank you EMC², together with my facilitator Lea Walters. You have turned a prognostication of a painful and sad old age or a sickly, drugged one into a healthy future of exciting possibilities!

Very many sincere and heartfelt thanks.

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