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Jasper & Kourier from California - AIM participant since February 2003

In January of 2003, my 23 year old morgan horse Jasper had a horrible reaction to the West Nile virus vaccine.
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In January of 2003, my 23 year old Morgan horse Jasper had a horrible reaction to the West Nile virus vaccine. He developed sores all over his body, severe full body tremors and could barely eat. He nearly died. I tried all sorts of natural and homeopathic remedies which helped, but none reversed all the symptoms.

The first year Jasper began self-healing with energetic balancing through The AIM Program, all of his symptoms disappeared. Jasper now seems to have a heightened vitality and joy in life, and at the age of 26 I’m riding him again in steep, hilly terrain, fast and fun, and there is no trace of a tremor or lameness! I plan to keep Jasper on AIM for life!"

Kourier is my 25-year-old Arabian horse, he’s been a special part of my life for 21 years thanks to AIM. I can now ride and play with him almost as hard as I ever could. About 2 ½ years ago, Kourier was poisoned by some bad feed and had a deadly colic episode. Some toxin attacked the heart muscle and Kourier was left with a class 5-heart murmur. On a scale of 1 to 7, this is bad, if you want to ride! He went from a vital, hot, raring to go, 50-mile horse, to one who panted and dropped, if I led him from the pasture to the house. As with Jasper I used every homeopathic and natural technique I could find, (In both cases, Veterinarians gave me little hope for a productive, active life).

When I discovered the spiritual self-healing of energetic balancing through The AIM Program, I put Kourier on the program. After a recent vet check, amazingly, there was only the slightest trace of a heart murmur! Kourier has the energy of a 5-year-old and runs and plays like a kid. I can trot him through the hills as I used to and he hardly sweats or gets winded at all! And he’ll soon be 27! So, AIM here we come! And, Kourier will stay on it for life!! Thanks so much for the chance to tell my stories and get my buddy back.

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