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Marnie from California - AIM participant since June 2006
Testimonial provided June 2010

After undergoing a major stomach surgery, Marnie describes how utilizing the enhancing frequencies of AIM helped her recovery rapidly.
Tags: Detox, energetic; Grateful for AIM; Stomach surgery; Surgery, recovery after; Zest;

Having been on AIM since 2006, and having experienced signs of healing or detox along the way, I was at first surprised by my visit to an ER, followed by a Feb 2010 diagnosis of a serious condition that required stomach surgery. Then I realized that what had manifested physically didn't just happen overnight, and that there are things of a structural nature that can require medical assistance. I realized that as I had created all things, I had the responsibility to heal all things, and that perhaps this had surfaced now because I was now capable of not only seeing myself through this ordeal, but conquering it with a zest and rebound capacity I wasn't capable of until now.

I breezed through major surgery, as I expected I would and felt an even greater capacity to fully utilize the enhancing frequencies on AIM. This may have been magnified by listening, daily, to EMC²'s AIM meditation, gifted to us in March, which helped me visualize all these balancing energies entering my power center. This was a source of major empowerment for me.

While many are amazed that I have surpassed all expectations that are given for the challenge I had, I am not in the least. I remain forever grateful to EMC² and my Facilitator not just for The AIM Program but for all the additional support and resources they provide. I sometimes wonder how many other "seniors" like me actually can say they feel "jazzed"


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