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Raquel from Georgia - AIM participant since March 2007

I am clearing imbalances left and right. Coincidentally the pain from the so-called plantar fasciitis I was diagnosed with is gone.
Tags: Forgiving; Goal cards; Grateful for AIM; Gratitude; Hips; Plantar Fascitis; Well-being;

I was just listening to the Everything is Energy show with Stephen Lewis and thought I would send you an e-mail. I make it a point to listen to the radio show every week - probably has a lot to do with becoming empowered. I also participated in the Roberta Hladek conference call you e-mailed about a while back. The call was very informative, especially the tip about the Goal Cards. I was using the cards on occasion before, but now I use them a lot more often.

I am clearing imbalances left and right. Coincidentally the pain from the so-called Plantar Fascitis I was diagnosed with is gone. For the past several months I was clearing an imbalance that was manifesting in my hip joint. I am grateful that I resolved that imbalance because it was really kicking me. LOL! Now having cleared it I feel as if I have been nudged forward; thus, able to step through life with greater ease. I also feel that I am more forgiving – free to be who I am while allowing others to be who they are. I am very grateful for this program and for the continual improvement of my well-being.

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