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Rebecca from Virginia - AIM participant since August 2007
Testimonial provided December 2008

23 year old born with cerebral palsy was able to walk with a leg brace two months after beginning participation in The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing and continues to make further progress.
Tags: Cerebral Palsy; Confidence; Detox, energetic; Walking;

For 23 years of my life, I have lived with cerebral palsy, which I was born with. I was also born blind, but regained vision after 3 days. At age four, fever left me deaf. Ten years later at the age of 14, I went into surgery for the cochlear implant, which improved my hearing.

Since I was put on the tray in the beginning of August 2007, I have experienced many changes in the sense of cerebral palsy. You've got to be glad EMC² has a frequency for cerebral palsy, because the Western style of medicine has not figured out how to cure such a thing. ( Speaking of curing, I know EMC² does not do that, however it helps you heal yourself.)

After a few weeks of being on the tray I became more confident because I was the one healing myself. The process took about two months beginning in November. By the middle of December, I was able to walk more stabilized than I used to and sometimes took off my leg brace because it was useless. I also gained some sensation in the left side of my face, which I had never had before. My left eye began to widen, as it had always looked smaller.

By April of 2008, I found no need to wear a brace for stabilization and my left foot went from being dragged to walking pretty normally for one who does not have cerebral palsy. I am even planning to give away the brace.

One time, I tripped on the stairs and for the first time in my life, felt the scrape that hurt my left knee so much. My facilitator also noted that I had a higher pitch to my voice and that I was standing more upright.

Nowadays I think the nerves have finally straightened thus, I can fumble down the stairs with ease, no brace on, although the nerves have not completely straightened out. Also, my hand is beginning to calm down, I guess a sign that the nerves in my arm are straightening out too. The arm however continues to spasm. My left eye seems to open wider than it used to. My primary detox agent is either a cough that sounds like I'm choking or a sneeze. I think my hearing is better too, because sometimes I can hear people talking farther than I use to.

Since I have been on the tray, I feel that I have control of my health. It helps me know that I am doing the healing myself, rather than someone else taking care of my health. There is less stress, more understanding of energy, and I feel like I can help other people who are at low levels of consciousness. I haven't had many major sick bed stories since I got on the tray.

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