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Precious from New Mexico - AIM participant since March 2008
Testimonial provided July 2009

A family cat on the tray has sudden loss of fur, diminished energy and damage to her face and ears. A year of veterinary treatments didn't help, but after her family self-heals on AIM they put Precious on the tray too. A story of miraculous recovery.
Tags: Animals on AIM; Cat; Fur loss; Mysterious illness; Pets; Spider bite;

Hello there, we are the Alcorn's, a family of 5 and owners of Precious, a gorgeous cat. Precious has always stood out from other pets because of her loving demeanor and how she gets along with all our other pets (she is often found snuggling up to our white lab in his dog bed too!).

We were all in tears one day when we noticed the loss of fur on her face. Over the course of a full year, we tried everything the vets recommended, treatments didn't seem to help and no one knew what caused our kitty's sudden lack of energy, lack of appetite and damaged face and ears.

We decided to put Precious on The AIM Program, because the self-healing was proceeding so well for our participating family members. We believe that our kitty was suffering from subtle energy frequency of a severe spider bite that manifested under her eyes somewhere and spread throughout her face. As a participant in The AIM Program Precious' self-healing returned her fur and her appetite and she is once again as happy as ever -- back to following our dogs around the yard. There is no doubt in our minds that Precious' self-healing, guided as a participant in The AIM Program, was a miracle for our fuzzy little friend and we are forever thankful! Thank you EMC².

The Alcorn Family

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