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Janice from Florida - AIM participant since January 2008
Testimonial provided December 2012

Janice describes how both her dog and cat used AIM to self-heal.
Tags: Aging; Animals on AIM; Cat; Dog; Energy; Feline AIDS; Pet aging; Pet energy; Pets;

My dog, (a Bichon Frise named Mac) will be 12 in Oct. 2012. He participated in the AIM Program for 3 years. During that time his yearly visits to the vet consistently gave him a clean bill of health. Our vet even went so far as to state that his heart was as healthy as a teenager's! He ate well and seemed full of energy and joy.

After being on AIM for 3 years and doing so well, I decided to remove him from my Family Plan in order to make room for a different family pet. In less than a month Mac began acting like an old dog! His energy level and strength became very low. Whereas he had always been able to jump effortlessly up onto our high bed in the Master bedroom, he would no longer even try to jump but begged to be picked up instead!

The swinging door (for humans) dividing the main part of our house from the hall/bedrooms also became an "issue" for him. Previously Mac was able to swing the door open for another family dog to go through (by standing on his hind legs against it) and then go through it himself. He totally lost the ability and would stand pathetically at the door waiting for human help.

Our vet always said that dogs can't tell you when something is wrong, so you must learn about what's going on with them by observation. What I observed was very discouraging. After 3 months I renewed Mac's AIM participation. Almost immediately he became "his old self" again, acting young, strong and energetic! He now easily jumps up on the bed again and opens the swinging door! I attribute these benefits to his being on AIM Program again.

My daughter adopted a beautiful stray kitten. After only a few months the kitten began throwing up most of her food. I tried a great variety of cat foods, even cooking her organic chicken and ground beef and wild caught salmon. Sadly, nothing helped. Sable (the cat) became thinner and thinner. I took her to our vet, who informed us that she was suffering from feline AIDS. We were told that she probably didn't have long to live, and were provided with different cat foods to try. Still, nothing worked, she seemed to be losing interest in even eating anything.

By the time I contacted my facilitator to ask whether there was a balancing frequency for the frequency of feline AIDS, we were feeling truly desperate! Fortuantely there is such a frequency available. I immediately requested that Sable be started on the AIM Program. Within only a month, there was a noticeable difference. She has continued to heal herself, eagerly eats everything offered, has gained weight and looks like a healthy cat! We are so-o-o-o grateful! Thanks AIM!

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