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Robert from California - AIM participant since January 2009
Testimonial provided December 2009

After drinking and smoking for almost 40 years Robert no longer has the uncontrollable urge to do so since joining The AIM Program. "The AIM Program has given me an opportunity for me to get my life back."
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What have I achieved through The AIM Program? I'll do my best here but please have the patience to read this.

Since I was sixteen, I have used alcohol and smoking for pleasure, and the release from painful memories. I lost a lot of family members when I was young. I needed another place to go, or so I thought.

When I was eighteen, I experimented briefly with acid, coke, hash, opium, and other drugs. Even though religion has been a part of me, I did not understand why all of my family was leaving. So I drank & smoked. Then came the heartache from relationships gone bad. I am in the construction trade, so my smoking and drinking got worse and worse. The escape became the addiction, the addiction was the escape, and so the vicious circle continued. I am now 53. The heartbreak from bad relationships has never stopped. By 2001 the problems from my alcohol abuse, smoking and cocaine use of 1984-1986 and my bad breakup of a relationship began affecting my health.

I have a guardian angel in my doctor that has literally kept me alive since 2001. Since then my heart and lungs have been greatly affected. Just before Christmas my doctor told me "I don't know how much longer I can keep you alive." That is a pretty rude awakening, at least for me.

I have known about The AIM Program for about a year and a half. I did not think they could help me. After all, how can they cure heartache, and the need to smoke and drink to stay sane and sleep at night. I was lucky. I was given a choice: life or death. And when the afterlife was described to me, it wasn't a very hard decision: peace, or constant torment. Or so I thought.

I joined The AIM Program five months ago. I had asked for a sign from God. I got one, so I signed up. I must admit, some of the detoxing that comes with self-healing is very hard to go through and has taken a lot of help from the people who guided me to The AIM Program to make me understand why I feel the way I do sometimes.

In five months I have managed to rid myself of the urge to smoke and drink. I do love an occasional beer. Sometimes a few on special occasions. Do I crave alcohol? "No." Do I need to smoke and drink anymore? "No." Do I have a temper anymore? "No." People have said they have never seen me so calm. Do I worry about my health anymore? "No." I have not felt so in touch with my body and soul - - ever. I listen to my body and my body listens to me. Every day with The AIM Program, the self-healing makes me stronger and more in touch with my higher self. The AIM Program has given me an opportunity for me to my get life back. A life that I have not had for thirty eight years. My heart was tired and wanting to quit. Now I go to the gym four times a week and am getting stronger both mentally and physically every day. My worries about being sick, catching diseases, being tired all of the time, have all gone away. What has AIM Program done for me? They have given me the tools to self-heal so I could not only my life back, but my lust for life - and it gets better every day. Do any of these things sound familiar? Probably so. Please know that there is self-help and peace. You too can command your own self-healing. I recommend The AIM Program to all.

Peace & Love.

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