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Camille from California - AIM participant since February 2012
Testimonial provided June 2013

Josie describes how her cat self-healed being blind while on AIM.
Tags: Animals on AIM; Blindness; Eyesight; Pets;

I'm submitting a miraculous testament of healing on behalf of my beloved 15 year-old cat, Camille.

She had been on the AIM Program for eleven months when we took her to a veterinarian to get her teeth cleaned. They gave her too much anesthesia. It took her three days for the effects to wear off and she became blind as a result. Her eyes were fully dilated for four days and she was bumping into things, etc. The veterinarian said that after twenty-four hours of blindness it's usually permanent. Needless to say, we were devastated.

The night after consulting with two veterinarians, I had a long talk with Camille and told her that we would get through this together. I told her that she's not alone and that since she's on the AIM Program; she's getting every frequency known to man to assist her in self-healing just about anything her higher self chooses to heal. I reassured her that she would be fine and her eyesight would return to normal. The next day her eyesight had returned!

After getting our eleventh month check up Camille ranked at a Life Force of 100. My husband and I also achieved a Life Force of 100 as well. Tears of joy, and profound gratitude to the team at EMC². . . many thanks!

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